Multani Sindhri

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Sindhri is a leading variety of mango from Sindh with its origins in a town of the same name in Mirpur Khas District. It is a large, oval-shaped mango with a yellowish skin, is low in fibre, and is highly aromatic. For many, Sindhri mango is the epitome of taste and texture in mangoes. While it is generally sweet, Sindhri mangoes might be a bit tangy early in the season. 

It is also one of the varieties that is seen the most commonly in markets in Sindh and the top variety of mangoes that are used commercially for milkshakes and ice creams. This mango also grows larger towards the end of its season between May and August and does not spoil easily, providing it with a fairly long shelf life than some of the other varieties, like Langra, which will start to turn black in a few days if you keep them refrigerated.

  • Premium Quality
  • Natural Produce
  • Carbide Free
  • Handpicked
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