Nawabpuri White Chaunsa


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Multani Nawabpuri Chaunsa is a revered mango variety hailing from Pakistan, celebrated for its unparalleled taste, velvety texture, and remarkable sweetness. Regarded as one of the world’s finest mangoes, it captivates with its medium to large size, vibrant golden-yellow skin, and irresistibly juicy, fiberless flesh.
The mango’s tropical flavor profile leaves a lasting impression, combining delectable sweetness. Its reputation extends beyond the borders of Multan, as it has gained fervent admirers in international markets. Whether enjoyed fresh or incorporated into a range of culinary creations, Multani Nawabpuri Chaunsa continues to enchant mango connoisseurs worldwide.

  • Premium Quality
  • Natural Produce
  • Carbide Free
  • Handpicked
  • Sorted
  • Diligently Packed
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