Multani Langra

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This mango variety was most probably first cultivated in Varanasi, also commonly known as Banaras, in the northern part of India. Nobody knows why the mango came to be known as Langra or ‘lame’, but many local stories claim that the owner of the tree was lame himself, and so, this circumstance gave the mango its name.

The major factor that distinguishes Langra from all the other types of mangoes is that it maintains its green colour even after it’s ripe, while other mangoes change into a yellow-reddish colour. Langra’s flesh is fibreless, yellowish-brown, and has a strong smell when ripe. The skin is fragile, and this mango is only available as a medium-sized fruit with a small and oval seed.

It usually hits the markets mid-July to August and is the ideal variety for canning and preservation, while the flavor can range from extremely sweet to a bitter sourness, depending on the ripeness of the fruit.

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